Easter Eggsplosion!

I know Easter is tomorrow and some may think it’s too late to start planning for an Easter party… but I say, it’s never too late!  These fun and easy ideas will make it look like you’ve been planning this seemingly Eggstravagant event for weeks!

To start off this Easter blogpost,  I’ve gathered some ideas that were perfect for egg decorating.  They seem simple enough, using materials we all probably have laying around the house somewhere and others you can find at your local convenience store.

Egg decorating Ideas


Sharpie eggs by Alisa Burke.  Whip out those Sharpies and doodle away!  Another simple egg decorating idea is taking a correction pen (Whiteout) to brown eggs as seen below in See Jane Blog.  Whiteout can even be used on the plastic eggs to draw on your decorations.


Graffiti Art Eggs by Paper N Stitch (below).



Lace Eggs by Martha Stewart (above).


A fun one for kids By Wilma using decorative paper napkins.  What I love from her DIY tutorial is that she used napkins she found at Walmart!


More decoupage eggs by Martha Stewart.

Get those Sharpies out, some cute paper napkins, scissors, mod podge, and paint brushes and start preparing for an awesome Easter!


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