Washi {Tape} Wonderland

 Everywhere you turn, these cute and decorative tapes are on every store shelf and every scrapbooking kit these days!  You may have even already acquired some of your own but have no idea what to do with them!  Well, don’t fret, I’ve taken on the challenge of finding all the pretty little ways to play with washi tape!  I won’t lie, I have a stash of my own and I can’t get enough of the them.  Who would’ve thought that a concept so simple as printed tape could do wonders?

Here are my top 10 favorite washi crafts:

1. Tape bow.  Use washi tape to wrap gifts!  You dont need any ribbons… not even wrapping paper!  Just washi.  Look how brilliant!  (Found on Omiyage.)


2.  The Well Appointed DeskPaper Buzz, and Delightful created a unique way to seal envelopes and packages.  You can spruce up envolopes and plain packages by sealing them with washi.  Turn all your mail into something fun.

tumblr_lrqwxbBB651qct0cko1_400SONY DSC0212_packets

3.  Washi bunting.  Yes, the incredible washi tape can also be used for bunting!  Just a few feet of twine or string and some color coordinated tape can make for adorable bunting!  (Poppy Talk, Polka Dot Lighthouse, Dimple Prints).


4.  Swizzle sticks.  A.k.a Drink stirrers.  Is there anything washi tape can’t do?


5.  Washi Tape Cups.  Create your own party cups using washi.  Get creative with patterns, colors, and designs as seen by Indulgy and Food + Femininity


6.  Flower Vases.  Pretty flowers need pretty vases to hold them in.  Here’s another simple idea by Weddings by Lilly… and she’s using my absolute favorite colors, mint and peach!


7.  Votive Candles.  Ever wondered what do to with the plain silver candle votives to dress them up?  Well, here’s your answer!  Wrap them in washi! (Mt Masking Tape, For Chic Sake)


8.  Washi Twistie Ties.  L-O-V-E this idea!  I, actually, have been using washi for this purpose of wrapping our products at Ceferina Sweet and it works GREAT!  It’s so simple but it adds such a lovely touch to packaging the items we sell.  (Also seen in Free Time Frolics and Organize Your Stuff Now)

washi tieswashi-tape-twist-ties-4-text

9.  Washi Cake Stands.  Those white porcelain cake stands are pretty, dainty and all things sweet… and I am OBSESSED with them!  But every once in a while, change it up!  Make them fun by lining them with washi tape as seen in Homemade by Jill.

washi cake stands

10.  Stickers.  How brilliant is Allison from Little Lovelies?  She makes her own stickers with Washi tape!

washi tape stickers 7 copy

Hope you enjoyed this post and are inspired to get crafty with Washi tape!


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