Best Craft Supply I Bought This Week

I know this product has been around for a while (it has to have been) because, come to think of it, chalkboard is not something you find growing naturally in your backyard (or anywhere for that matter.) I’m talking about Chalkboard spray paint! I remember going to school and always sitting in the front of the class (yes, I was THAT student), copying everything down from the board onto my Lisa Frank notebooks (remember those) and inhaling all that chalk dust. I, especially, loved writing on the board. Often times, my teachers would call me up there to write notes and lessons for the class to copy and I would happily oblige. There was something about that little white piece of chalk in my hand and a huge blank blackboard. Maybe it was just the inner nerd in me, but it felt like an open invitation to unleash my artistic side and create something beautiful to look at!

So, the other day, while at the hardware store, I saw it. A shiny can of Krylon chalkboard paint perched up on the shelf like a king on his throne (I swear, I saw the heavenly glow around it and heard triamphant music in the background.) Alright, I’m exaggerating… but that is just how excited I am about this stuff! I, immediately, went back to my workshop to complete a project I had been working on for months, my wooden treat bag holders. These wooden treat bag holders are stands where you can put your goodie bags to display them and make them easily accessible to your party guests. It decorates your dessert table or candy buffet table and not only makes it look pretty, but keeps all the bags in order. I had made them available for purchase a few weeks ago but always thought something was missing. (You may have noticed them in previous blog posts.) I wanted to find a way to have my customers personalize these for their parties. I thought that being able to let your guests know that they can fill their goodie bags with treats to take “For the Road…” or “Treat Bags Here,” or even “Love is SWEET” was a great way to personalize it. And with my chalkboard spray paint, I was able to do just that.

BEFORE (still pretty) AFTER (with chalkboard front)

DSC_0053 DSC_0042

AFTER (personalized)


These lovely (and functional) stands are available in pink, yellow, white, and gold at Ceferina Sweet. Other great uses: wedding program holders and birthday card holders.

More fun uses and ideas for Chalkboard Paint/Spray Paint:

Chalkboard-Spray-Paint original_marian-parsons-kitchen-chalkboard-canister-beauty_s4x3_lg

Getting organized like The Picky Apple and HGTV.

enhanced-buzz-2164-1348599819-1 chalkboard baby 1_thumb[2]

Give your guests directions to your party (as seen on Babble) or put up announcements at the front door like Life Love Larson.


Celebrations At Home shared a wonderful idea on using chalkboard paint as a dessert table backdrop and labeled each indicidual treats that way. They also did it for their drink station and bar. How fun is this idea!


I can’t post something (especially an arts and crafty thing) without mentioning the brilliant Martha Stewart. Not necessarily using the mighty chalkboard spray paint, but you get the same effect for your dining/party tables by covering them in black paper and using chalk to write your guests names. Thought this was eye-catching.



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