Backyard Anniversary

I came across some gorgeous gold-toned party supplies the other day and thought to myself, this would be the perfect decor for anniversary parties!  (I also thought, gold for anniversaries… hmm… nothing ground-breaking, but nonetheless, still super gorgeous!)  I was so convinced that if I were to plan someone’s anniversary party, I would definitely use these!  So, I gathered some great photos and other supplies that “matched” my gold-toned party finds to incorporate into my party planning and share with you all on here … and then I came across this:  A beautiful and sentimental backyard anniversary party by Nikki of Tikkido.  She threw the most amazing anniversary party for her parents, recreating details from their wedding which was 40 years ago.  I, being a hopeless romantic, was truly moved as I scrolled through the photos and read about all the details.  But how could you not be moved?  It was thoughtful, meaningful, personal… every definition of how and what an anniversary celebration should be.  And although my original party finds would still be great anniversary party decor, I had to put that on hold for now and share this backyard soiree with you so you, too, can marvel with me! Here are some of the photos and details that just blew me away.

The first thing that really caught my attention were the photos from her parent’s wedding.  Everywhere you turned, there was a visible reminder of their love and how it’s remained through the years.

daisy%20resized%20(37%20of%2099)  daisy%20resized%20(4%20of%2099)

Nikki said she went with a ton of daisies and baby’s breath (the same flowers used at her parents wedding) and “modernized” it a bit with other flowers in the same yellow and white color family.  Love how she incorporated lemons in the mix!

daisy%20resized%20(29%20of%2099) daisy%20resized%20(40%20of%2099)

But the loveliest of all details, to me, was how she re-created the same cake from their wedding using the same design and recipe (Almond Apricot Cake) and even using the original cake support used at the wedding.  Even more astounding was that she baked it herself!!!  I’d give anything to be able to plan my own parties AND bake everything at the same time!  AMAZING.

daisy%20resized%20(12%20of%2099)almond apricot cake


  Obviously, I wasn’t there and don’t even know this beautiful couple, but because of how Nikki personalized every aspect of this party, I feel as though I know them and can’t help but wish them many more wonderful years of marriage to come!  There are many more exciting details from this party to swoon over!  So, to read the full story and view the entire photo album, click here.