Project: Craft Room

In the midst of my creative venture, one of my biggest on-going projects is my workspace itself. In the beginning, a little wooden table for some surface space, a 3-shelf bookcase to hold some craft paints, craft paper and tools, and a 5-bin metal drawer for inventory kept my little artsy world together. Lately, inventory has been piling up to the ceiling and that little wooden table has just become an extension of those shelves for more storage.  When the floor started looking like a tempting place to do my work, I knew it was time to convert my “workspace” into a craft room.

I’ve been doing some research, gathering photos for ideas on how to set mine up.  Here are a few rooms I fell in love with and some key things I would need.
1. Organization: Lots of shelving, drawers, and bins to keep everything in their designated places for easy access. These storage spaces make all the supplies you need visible and accessible by using clear containers and uniform bins to maximize each shelf, drawer, and even cabinet door!

untitled   Craft-Room-Organization-Ideas_thumb

CraftRoomOrganization  018Watermark CraftRoomOrganization  012

(top left to right: as featured in Wonderland by Luciana, In My Own Style by Diane Henkler, bottom: as seen in Sprinkled with Glitter)

2. Large craft desk:  A wide, long table that will give me enough room to layout all my materials is my ideal piece of furniture. SPACE, SPACE and MORE SPACE!  I like to have all my supplies for a particular project ready and within reach before I start.  A chair is optional since I move around a lot when I work, but a wooden table that I don’t need to worry about little knicks and scratches from my exacto knife is a must-have.  One that I can get paint and glue all over and not even sweat it.  And that’s just the craft table!  I need another desk for all the office equipment (thanks to a good friend of mine) needed to run the business side of the shop.  I could use this desk by Ronda from One Little Word (below left), although I am in love with her WHOLE room.  How awesome is this wrap around desk with MORE storage underneath as seen in Sherri’s Jubilee (below right)  And uh… yes, please to the multiple work desks in this room by Ciiwa!

kraftroom-shelterness   Mac Daddy Craft Room


3.  A fresh and pretty place for inspiration.  I want to be able to walk into my craft room and be inspired by the decor, colors, materials, and supplies.  It needs to be a refreshing and clean, calming space that promotes creativity.  And although, in the real world, craft rooms can never stay perpetually clean and organized like these (at least mine doesn’t… but there’s meaning to my madness), I can keep a mental picture of what it should look like.  Here are more inspiring craft rooms.

tv_craftsroom_table_xl   1_p_100175519

(Left: Martha Stewart rooms, Right:

small-sewing-4 craftroom

(as seen in The Fabric Shopper by Christie)

sewing room 4-11 001

(by Karen in Sew Many Ways)

Stay tuned for some before and after photos of my craft room… and even some during shots!