Cutest Berry Basket Ideas

Whether it’s the pretty teal color or the appeal of its versatility, fiber berry baskets have become a very popular craft and party supply. The obvious use for these baskets would be to fill with fresh fruits and serve to get that lovely “fresh from the farmer’s market” feel. But there are a plethora of other genius uses for them.

Eighteen 25 put together the cutest gift basket for Teacher Appreciation Day and Mother’s Day! I love how they went with the berry theme using Bath & Body Works Strawberry soaps, lotions, and car scents.


Bake at 350 baked the most delightful looking strawberry cookies (and I’m sure they’re as delicious as they look) and with some wax paper lining and some wonderful berry baskets, made them look like they were picked fresh farm the berry farm! My Name is Snicker Doodle made some Snicker doodles and gave them to friends in berry baskets.


MNIS Template 1

My Life at Playtime features a backyard movie night, complete with a milk station and… S’mores!!! What really caught my attention was how they served the S’mores for the kids! Brilliant!


Glazed donuts or other pastries decorated and served in berry baskets (


Thoughtfully Simple features salads served in easy to grab portions! What a refreshing idea! This is definitely happening at my next party!


Anthropologie showcases their dish towels in decorative packaging using them too!


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